Catskills Tiny House Plan


Modern Tiny House With Loft

Your very own modern weekend getaway, thoughtfully designed and comprehensively specified for you to achieve success in your project. This Catskills Tiny House Plan features soaring ceilings, a lofted space; provisions for a wood stove, indoor toilet, and shower to make this small footprint highly functional. Perfectly suited for 2 inhabitants and a dog, this modern cabin brings a Scandinavian aesthetic to the deep woods allowing you to experience the wilderness in comfort. 

We designed the Catskills Tiny House on a 9’x16’ footprint, offering 144 sq ft of floor space with storage or a sleeping loft on the upper level. This unique size often doesn’t require a permit to build in most municipalities (check with your local building department). Within this small but efficient plan, we aimed to provide the builder with easy methods to achieve a high level of finish and an architectural outcome using simple and standard materials. All windows conform to standard sizes from most window manufacturers, and have been sized appropriately to provide a ton of light, perfectly frame up views while not breaking the bank. A sliding door allows you to really open the cabin up and bring the outside in.


This kitchen has been designed to use 2 standard Ikea base and wall cabinets, featuring ample storage with provision for a sink, 2 burner stovetop and refrigerator. It provides a perfect nook to make coffee in the morning and prepare simple meals in the comfort of your cabin.


Bath yourself in light with this well designed and ventilated space. A shower and toilet make this bathroom fully featured, comfortable and code conforming. Choose a variety of waterless toilets for an off the grid option (compost, incinerating, or compacting), or connect this cabin to a waste collection system for extra convenience. 

Wood Stove

This modern tiny house has a provision for a small wood burning stove that’s placed near a sliding door, allowing you to sit on the deck in the fall and capture some heat from the fireplace inside. For backup heating, an electric heater is recommended. 

What This Plan Comes With

Detailed drawings, including:

  1. Floor
  2. Decking
  3. Ceiling and Roof
  4. Power and Window Schedule
  5. Wall Sections
  6. Exterior Elevations Exterior Elevations
  7. Structural Elevations
  8. Structural Materials and IRC (International Residential Code) Guidelines

Plan Readiness and Format:

  • Plan is delivered as an immediate printable digital PDF downloads
  • Plan is ready to submit for permitting and includes electrical plan, window & door schedules and seismic & high wind braced wall plans

  • Print size: ARCH D 24" X 36” (A1 594 X 841); black & white sheets

Plan Preview

Sample pages of the plan